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Importance of Intercultural Dialogue

TakingITGlobal's vision is that youth everywhere are actively engaged and connected in shaping a more inclusive, peaceful and sustainable world. Our purpose is to facilitate global understanding and grow leadership among youth to enhance their participation in social movements for a stronger global civil society. Our values embrace diversity, collaboration, innovation and excellent. For this reason, multilingualism is central to ensuring that TakingITGlobal succeeds in its mandate. We live in a rich and diverse world and we believe that being inclusive is a basic human value. By encouraging intercultural dialogue, ensuring intergenerational cooperation and championing the notion of equality in everything that we do, we believe in nurturing a world where all individuals have deep respect for their peers. At the same time, a strong global civil society requires citizens who are motivated to share their knowledge, talents and expertise with each other. By being democratic and participatory, we are committed to ensuring that everyone not only has a voice, but has an opportunity to be heard.

"The idea that takes as its starting point the recognition of difference and multiplicity of the world in which we live. These differences of opinion, viewpoint, and values exist not only within each individual culture but also between cultures."

International Association of Universities

For this reason, TakingITGlobal highly values intercultural dialogue. Dialogue is more than a conversation or a discussion, it is a powerful and interdisciplinary element with the ability to open minds and promote tolerance through many media. We believe that celebrating cultural diversity through Intercultural Dialogue fosters a greater understanding of other lifestyles, thoughts, traditions, behaviours, and personal beliefs in a way that challenges our received opinions and prejudices toward other 'different' peoples. With dialogue we are constantly reminded that through understanding we can achieve cooperation and open-mindedness, which in turn lead to greater harmony and peace.

The International Association of Universities' definition of Intercultural Dialogue:

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Welcome to TakingITGlobal's Multilingual Community Page! TakingITGlobal is the web's most multilingual on-line community for youth interested in making a difference. This page was developed to help you learn more about our programs and opportunities, and to show you how to make the most of our multilingual resources.

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